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Restructuring 2.0

Restructuring Covid-19 Stressed Loan Accounts under Resolution Framework – 2.0
Individual and Legal Entity (Non Individual Applicant)

In view of the uncertainties created by the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, RBI has issued a circular on 5th May, 2021 providing a window permitting lenders to extend the facility of restructuring of existing loans of the Individual borrowers and small businesses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) customers who have been impacted due to Covid -19 pandemic

DHFL is now offering to eligible customers the option of restructuring their existing loans if they have been affected by the Pandemic, to ease the potential stress. Borrowers willing to opt for this resolution framework can either visit the branch or send their request to DHFL by writing an email to us on Restructuring2@dhfl.com

While applying, the borrowers need to download and fill the attached form and submit it along with the supporting documents as mentioned in the Annexure A either at branch or send it on the above email ID. ( See below for Application form and list of documents)

Please note that it is in the sole discretion of DHFL to grant the restructuring request basis its eligibility criterion of restructuring.