Loan Against Property Interest Rates & Charges

Loan Against Property Interest Rates

Most new investments often require you to take crucial decisions, in order, to acquire benefits in the long run. In cases, where you run out on funds, you could help yourself by mortgaging what’s yours. While mortgaging your assets, it is essential to select a loan which offers the best Loan Against Property interest rate.

We, at DHFL, offer you Loans Against Property with the best interest rates as well as offer you a Loan Against Property interest rate which can serve as a solution to almost any financial dilemma that you might be facing. Our loan schemes will also let you stay at ease during your repayment tenure.

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The financial worth of your home can be leveraged while enjoying continuous occupancy. A loan ranging from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 crores can be availed at a Loan Against Property interest rate that is extremely beneficial.

Sr No.Charge DescriptionCharge Amount
1Application/Login Fee (Non Refundable)Rs. 5,000/- + Applicable GST
2Processing Fee(% of loan application value)1% to 2% (case to case basis)+Applicable GST
Will be collected post adjusting application fee before loan disbursement
3CERSAI Registry / Modification ChargesRs. 50/- for loans up to Rs. 5 Lakh + Applicable GST
Rs. 100/- for loans above Rs. 5 Lakh + Applicable GST
4Technical Fees (for additional property or property situated outside geographic limit or for pre technical) a. Within 60 km radius: No charges
b. Beyond 60 km: Rs. 500/- for first visit and Rs. 750/- for subsequent visits + Applicable GST
5Valuation Fee in Construction Linked Loan casesFirst visit: No charges.
Subsequent visits: Rs. 500/- + Applicable GST
6Part-Prepayment Charges * will be allowed only once in a financial yearRate of Interest -TypeDisbursement StageCharges Applicable
Fixed / VariableWithin 6 months of agreement dateNo prepayment allowed
After 6 months
Borrower/ co-borrower is IndividualNo Charges
Borrower/ co-borrower is other than Individual3% + Applicable GST
7Foreclosure chargesRate of Interest -TypeDisbursement StageCharges Applicable
Fixed/VariableWithin 6 months from agreement dateNo foreclosure allowed
After 6 months
VariableBorrower/ co-borrower is IndividualNo Charges
FixedBorrower/ co-borrower is individual & pre-payment by Balance Transfer3% + Applicable GST
Fixed/VariableBorrower/ co-borrower is other than Individual3% + Applicable GST
8Cheque/ECS bounce chargesRs. 500/- + Applicable GST
9Bank Charges on Cheque/ECS BounceAt actuals
10Cash collection charges1% of collection amount for Rs. 50,000 & above in cash + Applicable GST
11Overdue Charges on default instalment(EMI/Pre- EMI)s18% Per annum on the outstanding dues
12Demand Draft/Pay Order issuance chargesRs. 150/- per Lakh or actual bank charges, whichever is higher + Applicable GST
13ECS/Cheque swapping chargesRs. 250/- per swap + Applicable GST
14Collection pickup chargesRs. 250/- per visit + Applicable GST
15Conversion charges0.5% of principal outstanding
Conversion scheme can be availed only after 1 year from the date of disbursement
16Legal chargesAs applicable on case to case basis
17Non-encumbrance certificateAt actuals
18Legal/ repossession and incidental chargesAt actuals
19Stamp duty/ Franking chargesAs per applicable law/charges of the relevant property state
20Duplicate no dues certificateRs. 250/- + Applicable GST
21Copy of property documentsRs. 500 + Applicable GST
22Statement of account/ provisional IT certificateNo Charges once in a Financial Year
Subsequently: Rs. 250/- per statement + Applicable GST
23Custodial fee for property documents in closed loansRs. 500/- per month + Applicable GST(post 60 days from loan closure date)
24Document retrieval charges on loan closureRs. 1,000/- for loans upto Rs. 10 Lakh+Applicable GST
Rs. 2,000/- for loans above Rs. 10 Lakh+Applicable GST
25Foreclosure statementRs. 500/- + Applicable GST

Every individual at some point in life comes across a situation where they need additional funds to invest in a new property or a business. For this purpose, one can avail of the various Loans Against Property available that will help them financially.

Avail a Loan Against Property at attractive Loan Against Property interest rates and leverage your property’s equity to invest in business expansion, meet capital requirements or satisfy your personal or professional requirements.