Non Housing Loans

Non Housing Loan

We offer a range of SME loan solutions that will help give your business the impetus it needs. Whether you require a business loan, property term loan or a loan to purchase equipment/machinery, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable loan for your business.

With our loan against property, you can leverage the property you own to avail additional finances to fulfil your financial requirements. From property mortgage to long term loans through encashing rental cash flow, you can now expand your business, acquire an asset or satisfy personal finance needs through our loan against property.

DHFL Non Housing Loan

Understanding the needs of our family is our utmost priority. One of them, quite often stems from the need to have seamless financial flow. This holds true across all strata of society and all-around the country. Having financial security is of great value to all Indian communities since it helps keep the balance within the family without affecting anybody’s path of ambition or dreams. Keeping this strong thought in mind, we at DHFL, offer you non-housing loans to help ensure nothing comes on your way, when you head out to make your dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams, in the land of rising India, we are now witnessing a huge growth of entrepreneurship, new age business motives and high-growth business scales. So, if you’re looking at expanding your business, be it for a small business enterprise or medium-size business scheme, DHFL’s SME loans in India can provide you with the right financial support and repayment structure, which again comes in a variety of types and kinds, from online business loans, SME business loans to online loan against property – all in order to suit capital-based requirements of our customers, pan-India.

We understand, that in order to grow your business, you need sound investment from all corners. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a wide range of loans that you can avail to ensure nothing stops you from achieving your business goals in mind. Here is a quick look at the variety of non-housing loans we offer:

SME Property Term Loan :Avail loans of a large amount with a flexible tenure with the SME property term loan. Used widely for institutional, commercial and industrial purposes, this loan will help you gain ready to use capital, to meet your business expansions.

SME Plant Loan:The financial requirements of each manufacturing unit is different in nature and aim. To help support your financial needs, this machinery loan has been programmed to help you purchase and refurbish required machinery in your plant for continuing your day-to-day business demands.

Medical Equipment Loan:Be it a hospital or a diagnostic centre, medical care in India needs focused care and quicker solutions than ever. This loan for medical equipment can help you purchase medical equipment to stay updated and thus offer advanced medical solutions to your patients, who are in need of the same.

Business Loan:Most of the business houses face a dire need for quicker capital inflow. DHFL’s SME business loan allows you to avail a large loan amount, within a fixed tenure system through a minimum documentation procedure.

Loan Against Property:Whether you own a Residential or Commercial Property or a plot, you can utilize your immovable asset to create wealth for you, by opting for a loan against your property, without worry. This can help you meet business building growth plans or personal financial requirements like - an educational need or a marriage within your family and more.

Purchase of Property:This loan for commercial property helps you purchase a ready to use commercial property as well as an under-construction commercial property. Avail a large loan amount, repayable through a flexible tenure system coupled with easy to apply procedures that makes this loan a key asset to realise your dreams faster.

Lease Against Rental Discounting:The lease rental discounting loan is beneficial for fulfilling any business requirement which needs ready capital in hand like - consolidating business obligations, expanding business lines or starting a new business sector. With the help of this loan, the property owner is able to lease out the premise to earn a monthly rental income, thus monetising the property to earn extra every month. Not just this, the lease rental discounting loan enables you to encash your current rental cash flows and avail long-term loan facility in the long run. Whichever loan you apply for, we assure you that every loan has been designed to help suit your specific business requirements. Our core endeavour in offering you these large variety of loans is, to ensure that we become your one-stop financial guide, in the journey called life.