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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Our home loan eligibility calculator can be used to determine the estimate of how much home loan you can avail, so that you can be sure of making your dream of owning a home come true  

Monthly Income
10 Lakh

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Hi ! Your Monthly Income is
10 Lakh
Hi ! Your Loan Eligibility will be


EMI 12,000p.m.
Monthly Income
10 Lakh
Loan Tenure
1 Year
30 Years
Interest Rate
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Hi ! You are eligible for loan amount of


EMI 12,000 p.m.
Monthly Income15,000
Loan Tenure 20 years
Rate of Interest 8.05 %
  • Figures are indicative Only. There might be insignificant difference caused due to rounding off (up to two decimal) error. Kindly contact your nearest DHFL branch for a personalized assessment.

DHFL Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Home is where your heart is, which is why purchasing your dream home is a matter of great responsibility. After all, a home doesn’t just act as a shelter for your family but it is also a safe haven for your children to help them make their dreams come true. It is thus, of utmost importance that a considerable amount of thought and strategy must be put into the decision-making and planning process of purchasing a dream home.

When you set out to buy your chosen house and transform it into your home, you will need support and encouragement from all social fronts. One of them is the need for available capital or ready to use financial power. This is where home loans come in to provide you with the financial support you need.

Home loans are one of the most important financial instruments that help you finance your home, without putting you under a financial burden. However, the first step to avail a home loan is to know how much home loan you are eligible for. Without the knowledge of this eligibility factor, you may run the risk of applying for a wrong home loan amount. It is thus recommended that you comply with the simple task of checking your home loan eligibility, made easy and available to all - through our home loan eligibility calculator.

A few simple factors are all you need to know to calculate how much home loan you can avail. Your home loan eligibility is calculated considering the following factors which include:

  • Your monthly income
  • Fixed monthly obligations
  • Current age
  • Retirement age and other criteria

One of the key reasons for using this self-help tool is to find out your eligible loan amount as fast and as easily as possible In fact, house loan eligibility calculator is the easiest way to be worry-free since it will calculate your eligibility for a home loan in a jiffy. With the housing loan eligibility calculator, you can calculate the eligibility of the ideal loan value based on your financial factors such as your income, loan, tenure and interest rate and more. Simply put in all your valid details and with just a click, you will be shown your estimated home loan eligibility amount. So, go ahead, make the most of this eligibility calculator for home loan.