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In continuation of Company’s association with BRISC CARR, DHFL provides training to 100 underprivileged youth per month for 24 months through empanelled NGOs in Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and through BRISC CARR's self-paced online courses, The Company has spent approximately Rs. 11,25,000/- during financial year 2015-16, towards training of 500 underprivileged youth at 100 students per month from Apr’15 to Sept’15 in the cities of New Delhi, Chennai, Vadalur, Pune and Kalasapakkam. It is expected that it will cover 600 more students in this financial year.

Out of the budget for scholarship to the tune of Rs. 8 Lakh that was approved in F.Y. 2014-15, scholarship to the tune of Rs. 7.58 Lakh was contributed in F.Y. 2015-16 till date towards its endeavour to contribute to D.R. Medium School Solapur for scholarships to needy students.

The Company has continued its support towards the maintenance of Cuffe Parade Residents Association garden, for F.Y. 2015-16.

ConnectEd is a group of former alumni from NMIMS University who started the youth-driven, education-technology venture aimed at making quality education accessible and affordable to school students in rural areas across the country. The group is supported by a team of experienced and young teachers from some of the finest institutes in India, content developers and professionals who specialize in improving learning outcomes for school children. The 'Smart Classroom' solution makes use of portable projectors and surround-sound systems to introduce impactful audio-visual content into rural classrooms, thereby enriching the learning experience within rural classrooms. This solution works as a brilliant teacher-assist tool, significantly improving teacher effectiveness and student performance.

In the current academic year, ConnectEd's 'Smart Classroom' solutions are proposed to be introduced in the Palghar taluka of Maharashtra, where they are working in association with the local authorities and the existing schooling system to impact around 27,000 children. ConnectEd has envisaged to transform Palghar into Maharashtra's first 'Smart Schooling Taluka', which is also recognized and supported by the Education Ministry at the State Government level. They have subsidized the above-mentioned solution to a great extent in order to make it affordable for the schools/students. To do the above successfully, they were looking to partner socially responsible organizations such as DHFL, who work consistently for the betterment of society, and also wish to connect with these young audiences.

The Company has taken up the class room transformation of 60 classes by contributing Rs. 42.65 Lakh that will go directly towards the purchase of audio visual equipments to support ConnectEd’s initiative and content development. The initiative has been launched in Nov 2015 to take off from second term in the current year.

WCCL (World Center for Creative Learning) Foundation is a society Registered under Society Registration Act in 2001 and Bombay Public Trust Act in 2002 and it is recognized for exemption under section 80 G(5) of IT Act. WCCL Foundation has pioneered the establishment of arts-based therapy in India by developing the model, researching it and training others to practice in diverse field settings (from community work to hospitals). It primarily helps in non-communicable diseases. With increasing population and urbanization, India is witnessing a growing problem of non-communicable diseases like prenatal disorders, developmental disorders, addiction, psycho-social disorders, mental illness, hypertension, violence- related injuries etc. These diseases need a holistic perspective, which combines neurobiological, physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. Arts-based therapy (ABT) is designed to address the body- mind complexities.

ABT Course is the flagship course which is now in its 12th year. This course attracts social workers and therapists from all over India. They are trained in the use of ABT over a period of 9 months ABT Educator’s Program is a Train-the-Trainer program by WCCL, wherein candidates/organizations can be trained to offer ABT training using WCCL’s ABT Model.

An amount of Rs. 4 Lakh was contributed by the Company to WCCL (World Center for Creative Learning) Foundation for subsidizing training course and train-the-trainer course.

The Education Sector in India has witnessed significant attention to achieving the goals of free and universal elementary education. The Right to Education Act enshrines a committed approach to providing universal access to education. Hence there has been considerable progress in enabling access to schools, with 98% of habitation having primary schools within one kilometre and 92% having secondary schools within three kilometres walking distance. If these efforts have to translate into sustainable and meaningful impact in transforming the lives of youth into worthy citizens, the society at large has to rise up to support and supplement these efforts. Quality of education through continued investment in curriculum and teaching aids, teachers training and technology based teaching facilities, conducive environment through modernization of infrastructure are some of the areas where there exists a large scope for supportive intervention. DHFL has therefore chosen Education as the core area of investment under its CSR program and will focus on key sustainable programs in this sector.

BRISC CARR is an international social enterprise providing scalable employable skills training to underprivileged youth in India by empowering them with marketable skills to access jobs in high growth sectors and providing transferable life skills required in the organized work environment. DHFL has agreed to co-sponsor along with BRISC CARR to provide training to 100 underprivileged youth per month for 24 months through empanelled NGOs in Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and through BRISC CARR's self-paced online courses in the financial year 2014-15. BRISC CARR would also build anecdotal case studies on the impact on learners and would provide reports to the Company. During the Financial Year 2014-15, DHFL contributed an amount of Rs. 19 Lakh towards this initiative.

The state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) was hit by devastating floods in the month of September 2014, which turned out to be a national calamity with widespread damage to life and property. As the Company could directly visit the calamity area to render a helping hand to the suffering people there, the Company contributed a sum of Rs. 20 Lakh to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund in this regard.

The proposal to contribute towards the maintenance of Cuffe Parade Residents Association Garden for a period of 2-3 years has been also agreed to by the Company. During the FY 2014-15 an amount of Rs. 6 Lakh was contributed towards the maintenance.

As a part of the Company’s continuing commitment to its CSR objective of Primary Education, the Company has endeavoured to contribute to D.R. English Medium School, Solapur for scholarships to needy students. A budget for scholarship to the tune of Rs. 8 Lakh was approved.

  • DHFLites run for MMC, again in 2014 DHFL once again associated with the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 19th January 2014. 30 DHFLites successfully completed the marathon to support the children of Mumbai Mobile Creches.

  • Joy of Giving DHFL has been associated with the Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) and DHFLites from the Corporate Office & Mumbai Zone have demonstrated their willingness to make a positive difference to these underprivileged children of construction workers. DHFLites donated stationery, toys and clothes for children of MMC aged 0-14 years and truly experienced the Joy of Giving!

  • Volunteering As a part of DHFL’s endeavour to instill the feeling of giving back to the society, the Company launched an initiative to allow employees to take time out from their work schedule and volunteer at the Mumbai Mobile Creches. DHFLites enjoyed spending time with children, teaching them good habits, narrating stories and singing to glory.

    DHFL 2014 Calendar is recognition of the talent of the MMC children. It features drawings and paintings from the children.

DHFL celebrated Diwali differently. DHFLites in Delhi organised a lunch with 20 kids aged around 3-11 years along with the staff members of Welfare Home Children (NGO) located at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. DHFLites also donated clothes and grocery items to help and support these children.

On August 15 th , when the nation came together to commemorate India’s Independence Day, DHFLites chose to commit to saving lives by way of a blood donation camp. DHFLites in Chandigarh also organised a Blood Donation Camp on 1st November, 2013 to celebrate the festive season with a difference

Mumbai Mobile Crèches has existed since 1972 and is the only NGO that provides service to children living on construction sites, providing them with education, healthcare and nutrition as well as a safe pLakhe to be while their parents work. Mumbai Mobile Crèches’ vision is for all children on construction sites to be safe, healthy and educated. There are currently 25 centres across Mumbai and Thane and we reach 6500 children a year. But many more children need to be reached.

DHFL in its association with Mumbai Mobile Crèches ran Mumbai Marathon 2012 held on 15th January, 2012. Around 50 employees participated in the Dream Run to show our support for this cause.

Balakalakaar, an AIESEC initiative started in 2009 with the objective of discovering hidden talents in underprivileged children in the fields of art, craft, theatre, music and dance. Children that showed promise in a particular field were then encouraged to further hone their talent and skill through vocational courses, thus giving them an opportunity for a better future. Balakalakaar 2011 provided DHFL a unique opportunity to participate. The decision to become the title sponsor was motivated in large measure, by the very vision and philosophy of the company laid down 27 years ago. Just as DHFL changed the rules of the game by providing financial access for housing to a large section of under privileged and marginalized people, in the case of Balakalakaar, the endeavour was to impact the social landscape by providing opportunities to children who belonged to the poorest of poor in society, thus helping change their lives. Balakalakaar 2011 saw 1000 children from 10 BMC schools participate in a month long programme involving a series of workshops. Based on their performance, 100 children were short-listed to showcase their talents at the DHFL Balakalakaar Grand Finale 2011 event held on December 10. Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Kapil Wadhawan was the presiding guest of honour at the function, along with other dignitaries. In his warm and heartfelt address to those present including children, teachers, parents and AIESEC youth volunteers, he said, “I am really happy that DHFL has partnered AIESEC in the Balakalakaar project, a unique initiative that is bound to reap rich rewards for all the children who are part of it. AIESEC with its strong army of youth volunteers is really doing a fine job, organizing all the workshops for children – the future of this country. I’m proud that DHFL is contributing in some small measure to society and I’m sure our association with AIESEC and the Balakalakaar project will help change the lives of many, many children and their families.”

Giving blood is a powerful way to honour the birth of our nation. To commemorate our heroes on the Independence Day, we organized a blood donation drive in association with the Red Cross Society of India on the 12th of August, 2011. Fifty three units of blood were collected through this drive.

Loans to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) of society: Mr. Kapil Wadhawan, DHFL’s Chairman and Managing Director and Dr. Robert Meryll of Asian Development Bank (ADB) handed over keys to 100 families in Cochin. States like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are also being offered these loans. Loans were provided in co-ordination with Nagpur Improvement Trust to over 4000 residents in Nagpur.

  • Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan Foundation: To commemorate the birth anniversary of the Late CMD Shri. Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan, DHFL conducted a nationwide Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with the Red Cross in 25 cities. The Foundation has also committed itself to facilitating education for underprivileged children.

  • Employee Commitment to Relief: In the unfortunate event of gigantic disasters like the Bhuj earthquake, each employee of DHFL contributed a day’s salary voluntarily to help in the relief.

  • Senior Citizen Schemes: We have exclusive fixed deposit schemes with additional interest to help senior citizens and armed forces personnel.

    DHFL was associated with Concern India Foundation and through its association it has promoted programs like:

  • Aarambh An integrated approach to community work forms the basis of this organization in the slums of Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. The program provides children, women and youth with education, health facilities and skills training programs.

  • Each One Teach OneUnderprivileged students tend to drop out of school as they are not able to cope with academics. This program addresses this need of students in two schools in rural Palghar, thus preventing drop-outs.

  • Paramshantidham Vriddhashram The program, based in the semi-rural area of Navi Mumbai, is a home for the poor and destitute aged. It provides for their social, medical, psychological, recreational and spiritual needs.