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My Loan Story

There’s nothing too great about having a home loan business – not until heart-warming stories come to us and tell us just how special it is to be able to provide homes to the needy. To be able to transform lives. Presenting a handful of glorious stories that have been turning points in life – quite like a sports victory, or an inspired performance by an artist. More than loan stories, there are stories of hope, optimism and belief.

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Professionals with Personal touch

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the sanction and the subsequent disbursal of my home loan enabling me to purchase a property at Khar West at a very attractive price.
During the entire process the team at RPU, and especially its Head, Ms Michelle Sequeira, was thoroughly professional and ensured that legal, technical and other clearances and approvals were obtained well within the time frame of 14 working days. At no time was a wrong statement made regarding the status of the sanction nor was any false commitment given – just a warm assurance that the job would be done within the requisite time frame.
As an investor, I have been purchasing properties with the help of bank loans and I can state with some measure of conviction that the zeal and enthusiasm that was shown to me for this deal stands out admirably and I could not help but write in my appreciation for the work executed by your team!
Hope DHFL keeps up the slick work in the future too!

A passenger who changed my life

Hello my name is Chandran (name changed to protect privacy). I am an autorickhaw driver from Trivandrum. So I meet people from different backgrounds. Irrespective of whom they are and what they do, my job has always been to help them reach their destination.

Small dreams

I have never wanted much from my life. I have always been content with who I am and what I do. All I ever wanted was to build a home in the small piece of land that I had saved for me & my family.

I never believed in borrowing money from relatives, as I always was a self made man. So I started enquiring with some of the big & well known financial institutions who advertise themselves as home loan providers across the city. But not only did they decline my request for a loan but also made me feel as an uninvited person in their office. I was disheartened.

Hope floats

Then one day I struck up a conversation with a passenger. It eventually led me into telling him of my dismal status that I was in. On reaching his destination this cheerful passenger gave me a visiting card and asked him to visit him in his office the very next day. To my surprise this passenger was a representative of DHFL’s Trivandrum office.
I distinctly remember the next morning, as it had been one of the brightest mornings I could remember of. I could smell an air of hope and comfort that morning and knew that something good was to happen that day. I met my friendly passenger at his DHFL office. He assured me of a loan that would help me realize my dream. It was their belief and the way they valued my presence among them that gave me even greater joy.
Today, I am proud to have a home I could call my own, but I take even more pride in saying that I am a customer with DHFL. Thank you DHFL.

In an imperfect world, they provided for my dream

I am Sawant (name changed to protect privacy) a school teacher here in Akola. I am blind, but this has never stopped me from teaching students to have a vision and look at the brighter side of life. Little did I know that this very belief and principle of mine would be put to test by the darker realities of this world?

A dark future?

I have always wanted to buy a home for myself – not a big one, but a place as a shelter & security for my future. In this pursuit, I came to face a rude shock, when many of the major financial institutions declined me a loan. They declared me illegible and with a higher risk of non-repayment partly because of my profession which provided me income which was below their acceptable standards, but mostly because of my inability.

Light at last

It was during this time that a friend of mine referred DHFL – a company that specialized in providing loans to people in the lower income bracket. I was initially apprehensive to approach them due to my past experiences. However DHFL took the first step in contacting me as my friend had put up an enquiry for me with the office. My first interaction with them gave me an impression of how approachable DHFL was; I started seeing a ray of hope, that’s because DHFL showed immense confidence in me.

Within a span of week, I was a happy person as my dream of having a home I could call my own was being realized. DHFL had sanctioned and approved me a loan.

Now, whenever I hear my doorbell ring it reminds me of the wonderful experience I shared with a company who’s got people with a heart of gold. Thank you DHFL

In pursuit of Happiness

Laxman Rawaria (name changed to protect privacy) of Bikaner had a keen desire of owning his own home. He works at Nagar Nigam, Bikaner as a jamadaar (sewer maintenance worker).

Only denial

He had been to top private Housing Finance companies but was denied a Home Loan as his take-home salary was only ` 5400 p.m. and he did not match the credit norms of those institutions. He approached nationalized and cooperative banks, thinking that they might be resourceful enough. He went with the impression that the loan process was complex and highly dependent on the whims and fancies of many people. The procedure and documentation was very lengthy and time consuming.

What really amazed him was their attitude. He is a small borrower so no one seemed to care. Somehow, he got the impression that they viewed small borrowers as potential defaulters. Was dreaming of owning a home wrong? Was there any Bank or Housing Finance Company who could help a lower Income Group person like himself? He felt that the availability, affordability and accessibility of housing finance were restricted to a very small portion of the earning populations of India.

And finally, acceptance

At this time, he came across a DHFL newspaper advertisement (Branch Opening in Bikaner) saying it specialized in lending to those in the lower income brackets. Laxman Rawaria came to DHFL Bikaner with little hope, but was guided through the entire process with utmost sensitivity. He soon realized that DHFL had loans for all categories of people (self-employed, salaried, including low income brackets and those with fluctuating incomes).

Within the next fifteen days, Laxman Rawaria got his required Loan Amount of  ` 1, 30,000/ (One Lac Thirty Thousand) and today; he is a proud owner of his OWN HOME.

I asked for a shelter, but they provided me with a home

Shajimon (name changed to protect privacy) works as a peon with a state government department in Trivandrum – Kerala, earning ` 5000 per month. He had applied for a housing loan to almost all the institutions including some nationalized banks to no avail. He was scared to approach the co-operative banks as they charge high interest and registration charges.

From hesitation

He stayed in a hut and wanted to convert the same to AC sheets. He would have even liked to go for an RCC roof but his walls would not be able to bear the load. Most institutions, always eyeing high profile customers would hardly hear his case. He was even afraid to request for a ` 2.50 lacs loan as he thought he would not be eligible. He told us he required `50,000 for converting roofs to AC sheets.

What’s more, he and his wife were going to be the main laborers in refurbishing his house. For sentimental reasons, he was very particular that his home should be at the same location where his hut is – in Vattapara, a rural locality.

To happiness
He came across as a very genuine person, in keeping with DHFL values. DHFL realized the man was speaking not about the technical side, amenities etc.. But about the shelter which he dreams about. DHFL is proud to say that it succeeded in guiding him through the entire process, with appropriate counseling.

An amount of ` 2.50 Lacs was sanctioned to him and disbursed in stages. A lot of care was taken to ensure that not a single paisa went waste. The result was not only his dream-come-true but something far beyond. He got an RCC roofed house where he was only hoping for AC roofing.

Today, Shajimon is a very happy man – a true crown-prince of his own ‘Kingdom’ – his own home where peace and happiness abound. He still visits DHFL branch to see the staff very often. It’s yet another invaluable relationship for the DHFL family.



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