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Top Up Loans Simplified


Sharmaji : Hello Vinodji. How are you?

Vinodji : Very well. You tell me. Did you finalise a home for yourself?

Sharmaji : Yes I did. I have moved into a home of my own.

Vinodji : Hope you are enjoying life in your new home.

Sharmaji : Yes. Now I can fulfil my other dreams such as my daughter’s higher education, my son’s marriage, purchasing furniture for my new home, etc.

Vinodji : That’s great. I hope you have thought of funds to meet the expenses too?

Sharmaji : Not really. And that’s what I am a little worried about.

Vinodji : I do understand. Why don’t you take a Top Up Loan on your existing Home Loan?
Sharmaji : What is a Top Up Loan?

Vinodji : A Top Up Loan is an additional loan, over and above your existing Home Loan. It can be used to meet requirements such as Wedding expenses, Children’s education, Medical Expenses as well as Business Expansion, Working Capital requirements and much more.

Sharmaji : That’s exactly what I need. How can I avail a Top Up Loan and how much?

Vinodji : The Top up Loan is available to the existing Home Loan customers in addition to their Home Loan depending on their property’s market value.The current Home Loan however, should have a repayment history (EMIs paid) of minimum 9 months.

Sharmaji : Great. And within what time am I supposed to repay theTop up Loan?

Vinodji : The maximum tenure can be up to 15 years.

Sharmaji : Alright. So will I be required to submit all the documents again for a Top up loan?

Vinodji : You will need to submit Know Your Customer (KYC) and Income documents. Maintaining a good repayment (EMIs) track record of your Home Loan and a good credit history is also crucial.

Sharmaji : That will save so much time.

Vinodji : Indeed.

Sharmaji : Thank you Vinodji. You have been extremely helpful yet again.

Vinodji : My pleasure Sharmaji.



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