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Fixed Deposit – An Overview

It is our privilege to introduce to you ‘DHFL Fixed Deposit Products’ which score high on returns, safety and liquidity. A testimony to our quality portfolio is our rating – CARE AA+ (FD) (by Care ratings) and BWR FAAA (by Brickwork ratings) – indicating excellent credit quality. DHFL’s FD products bring with them the stability of DHFL’s 30 years of successful business operations

In addition to this, another attribute of DHFL Fixed Deposits is its varied and customized deposit options for different customer types. DHFL’s FD Product ‘Aashray Deposit Plus’ has specialized variants for Individuals, Companies, Societies, Clubs and Trusts with tenures ranging from 12 to 86 months and interest rates up to 11.25%. DHFL also offers a specialized fixed deposit product for Women investors, namely ‘Swayamsidha’.

As an added benefit, DHFL Fixed Deposit Products for individual investors come with free accidental death insurance of ` 1, 00,000 (One Lakh only). (For the first depositor in case the Fixed Deposit is held jointly.)

Individual customers who are either existing DHFL shareholders, senior citizens (age above 60), existing home loan borrowers, armed forces personnel and widows  are accorded privilege customer status on “DHFL Aashray Deposit Plus” and “Swayamsidha” products, and thus get an additional 0.50% interest rate.

Please call us on the toll free number 1800 223 435 or text DHFL to 56677 for further information on DHFL Fixed Deposit Products.



Indicates High Quality by all Standards & High Investment Safety


Indicates Excellent Credit Quality & High Investment Safety


  • Safe, secure earnings of short/medium/long term investment
  • High Returns for longer tenures up to 84 months
  • Additional earnings for DHFL Shareholders,  Senior Citizens, existing DHFL Home Loan borrowers, Armed Forces Personnel and Widows
  • Liquid Investments
  • Prompt and timely payments
  • ECS facility for interest payments
  • Hassle free process



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