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Wealth2Health Fixed Deposit

Wealth2Health is a unique Fixed Deposit (FD) that offers a host of health related features & benefits to the customer apart from good returns. It functions like a normal deposit when the customer is well, but when the customer is unwell, it works like a health fund and pays for health related expenses.

Fixed Deposit Renewal Policy (w.e.f 23rd July, 2016):

If the company receives a request for renewal not later than 12 months from the maturity date then the interest rate payable is the usual rate of interest payable on the period chosen without any deduction, prevalent on the deposit maturity date.

If the company receives Deposit Receipt for renewal after 12 months from the date of maturity, renewal will be done with effect from the day request is received at the branch and interest rate payable will be the one prevalent on the renewal day. In that case, no interest is payable on the fixed deposit after the maturity date.

Features & Benefits of DHFL Wealth2Health Fixed Deposit

  • The Wealth2Health Deposit comes with a card (Wealth2Health Deposit Card*). This card is linked to the underlying Fixed Deposits and can be used by the customer to get access to a host of benefits, namely:
  • Cashless access to empanelled network of hospitals
  • Discounts on hospitalization
  • Discounts on medical/diagnostic tests, up to 25%
  • Access to a doctor 24/7 over phone
  • Free Second Opinion Service from a panel of specialist doctors
  • Advice on which Hospital to choose for specific medical requirements


How Wealth2Health Deposit Card Works

  • The card has a pre-set limit equivalent to 75% of the linked Fixed Deposit (FD) amount. Multiple FDs, including existing FDs, can be linked to the card. The cumulative value of limit available on the card will be maximum 75% of the cumulative principal of each linked FD
  • The customer can use the card to avail of cashless hospitalization or to pay for medical/ diagnostic expenses etc, at designated hospitals/ diagnostic centre, up-to the limit of 75% of the Fixed Deposit amount.
  • Each time the customer uses the Deposit card to settle any hospital expense; an automatic loan-against-FD is created in his account. The loan will be created for the actual amount authorized by the customer at hospital/ diagnostic centre, and for a tenure that is equal to the residual maturity of the underlying Fixed Deposit, and will carry interest 2% above the underlying FD interest rate.
  • The loan can be settled by the customer, in part or in full, anytime. In case the loan remains outstanding till the maturity of the underlying Fixed Deposit, the total loan outstanding is adjusted from the maturity proceeds of the Fixed Deposit. The customer pays interest only for the amount used, and only for the no of days for which the loan remains outstanding.
  • The limit on the Deposit card will be a dynamic limit, and the same will be adjusted on daily basis depending upon amount utilized and amount repaid.

Key Features of DHFL Wealth2Health Fixed Deposit

Minimum Investment ` 25,000/-
Rate of Interest Same as that on normal deposits
Tenure Available 12, 14, 18*, 24, 36, 40, 48 – 120 months
Privilege Benefit** Additional 0.25% interest for Senior Citizens,(Age 60 years and above), Armed forces personnel, Widows, DHFL home Loan/SME Loan/Mortgage Loan borrowers
Volume Benefit** 0.25% additional interest for single deposits of ` 50 lac and above
*18 Months : DHFL Swayamsidha Deposit (Only for female investors )
** Effective 01Nov16: The customer will be able to avail the additional interest benefit of 0.25% either on an “FD of `50Lacs & above” OR as a “Privilege customer”.

Interest Rates of DHFL Wealth2Health Fixed Deposit

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  • Wealth2Health is available for Resident Individuals and only for the sole/first deposit holder
  • The Deposit card can be used for financial transactions like payment to hospitals, diagnostic centre etc. only after 3 months from the FD creation date. All other, non financial benefits like discounts etc, can be availed from Day 1.
  • The financial transactions will be authorized only after due customer verification, which will be done through an OTP and photo verification.
  • For more details about the Wealth to Health Fixed Deposit product and the benefits of the card, visit any of the DHFL Branches
  • *Conditions apply

Fixed Deposit Calculator

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Download Forms

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** Effective 01Nov16: The customer will be able to avail the additional interest benefit of 0.25% either on an “FD of `50Lacs & above” OR as a “Privilege customer”.

Deposit rates are effective from 30th January, 2017



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